Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dear ma'm AD...

Dear miss goldilocks, I know we already have our talk about me being late, absent and shit but what if...
  1. I'm sick?
  2. I was run over by a truck while on my way to school?
  3. I was knocked out by a pole while spotting guys, on my way to your class, take note...
  4. a sudden freak storm occured causing major floods, therefore leaving my transpo stranded for hours and hours on the garbage infested street of Espanya, while on my way to your class of course...
  5. the FX that I'm on suddenly blew up!
  6. I was soooo distracted by "you know who" that I came in a minute late...
  7. I suddenly had the urge to go wee wee or potty, when you decided to do your daily roll call
  8. on my way to class, I was suddenly attacked by rabid dogs, or in our case, poor, street urchins along P. Noval and Espanya
  9. thunder struck me on my way to class
  10. aliens abducted me!
  11. I slipped, cracked my head open and was left bleeding, prone position, on the concrete
  12. I had a "Final Destination" moment on the elevator. and lost a head on the process
  13. a plane landed on me
  14. Mr. "You know who" suddenly invited me for a quick bite, or...
  15. better yet, a quickie! (c'mon! you'd be one heck of a brainless oaf if you turned that down!)
  16. 15 minutes before you check attendance, he suddenly declared his love for me on the lobby, causing me to faint from sheer disbelief and joy
  17. I suddenly won the lottery, and I need to claim my loot, like PRONTO
  18. I had amnesia
  19. I was suddenly given super powers, and I became a superhero, and while on my way to your class, suddenly heard a distress signal due to a, say, a Jumbo rat problem
  20. the world exploded!

then what?!


nica said...

QUICK BITE! i wonder what that really means!! hahaha!

macci said...

oohhh... "quick bite"... thats a cute one.

tsk tsk, the jumbo rat problem. id prefer the world exploding.

LOL, geno sweetie... literally. :*