Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Across the universe and the Beatles

I fell head over heels for this movie/musical (a visual treat for the LSD deprived). and I've never been more in love with The Beatles!and Jim Sturgess

Personally, I LOOOOVE John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Prada ads with Linda for fall 2008-09

How ferociously delish are these ads by Prada with Linda Evnaglista?!

Yum! how Hitchcock/Wong Kar Wai/BDSM are these?!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Parents say the darndest things!

while hugging each other on the bed.
mom: mon, give me a kiss... (pouts)
Pop: ( kisses mom)
mom: haay, antagal ko nang di nakakatikim ng lollipop ( smirks, then looks to my dad)
me: ECCHI!!!!
(editor's note: the blogger is in the trauma center right now, still healing from said incident)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mabuhay Ghesquierre!

Guess who's in town?!

opening this August 3rd at Greenbelt 5
(OMG! I'm hearing hossanas from the fashion gods!)


MISSING: last spotted at Supreme model management.
If found, please contact big sister, Masha Tyelna at:
1-800-BUG EYES

(photos from: NYMAG.com and COACD)

Bakya begone! Oplan alis chaka!

while watching the Mummy 3 with, ironically my mum and dad, I chanced upon sitting next to the most irritating, noisy lowlife that ever existed in the history of mankind! damn! he just can't keep his mouth shut! what's worse? his girlfriend. and that fuckin' damn cheap ass accent! dude must have had his first cinema experience that's why he's sooo keen on telling the whole story to his, maybe, blind girlfriend (poor thing, she must've been using sonar and echolocation to move). that explains her screeching. we saw the movie at Robinson's place ( ever hear of renovation guys? isn't it about time to, you know, keep up with the world?). had a popcorn dinner, and finally had the chance to talk to my mom bout that little incident ( she was in mom mode, it went smoothly though, we were in the car under the neon lights of Roxas Boulevard).

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Go Green!

D...L...S...U... animo LA SALLE! or better yet.. animo Benilde! hoot hoot! can't wait to start the school year!

(photo: from Flickr)

USB: go MMDA! hahaha

I really had a blast today... aw! I miss my UST friends. haaayy... and to teta, here's to more Cello's and FX rides! go USB! hahahaha
(P.S. Nica, you're a BETCH!!! waaahhhh! baket mo kinuha si Japs?! waaaah! noh! hahahaha kiddin' love you sweetie!)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Agy's new 'do!

Look who updated her 'do! agy agy!!!

random thought of the day.

ugh! why do I keep having these staring contests with random blokes and lassies on the trains?! gawd help me!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Shoe fiend (and more): an MK tribute

MK in Balenciagas (love the McQueen scarf and the Fendi bag)
In Pedro Garcias
again in Balenciagas ( and that amazing Prada fringe bag)

In studded Louboutins ( the furry Louboutin bagis uber cute)
and in Chanel

Uhm... I'm green right now (no, I'm not angry, and I'm not a mutant).

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Diana Vreeland: Poor, Darling Fellow - He died of food. He was killed by the dinner table.
okay, that does it! no dinne, lunch and breakfast for moi! hahaha

Raquel's Balenciaga Booties.

I Love Raquel Zimmerman's Balenciaga booties!

Jessica Stam: today's featured muse.

Don't we just love Stam?!

have some agy.

Is Agy demode? done? last season? Mario Testino thinks so. but I don't... I still love her!

Personal style: Iekeliene Stange

Siri asks...

Siri Tollerod: So, how do I make you feel fatty?!

Bento! Itadakimasu!

AW!!! I know I've been watchin a lot of animes lately... but, I WANT CUTE BENTO LUNCHES!!! waaaah!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bags or shoes?

I'm confused na! I was a baghag ( more of a bag addict/fanatic ) before, but now, I think I'm more interseted in shoes. hmmm..... bags? or shoes? bah! why not both?!

my wish list.

okay, If I were to be given those much needed moolah, here's what I'll buy:

  • L'oreal True match in Nude Amber (N7)
  • a tube of concealer
  • those friggin' amazing wayfarers at Trinoma ( the red & black one, the white speckled one, and the maroon ones)
  • some more famazing wide leg jeans ( the Gap and those jeans from PrP are currently my faves )
  • a gray raglan tee from the GAP
  • more skyscraper heels
  • a large jumbo bag (for hauling stuff)
  • a duffel bag ( lately, I've come to realize, I have no chica overnight bag, they're all soo... ugh demode. hahahaha )
  • necklaces ( those with a vintage feel to them: read: tarnished or burnished bronze with a long chain and a simple pendant would do. )
  • a CHIC laptop bag.
  • blank CDs ( my laptop's memory is now in the ICU )
  • A DSLR. damn even a cheap camera would do!
  • an anorak ( for the cold)
  • and lots and lots of chic gym clothes (I've been wearing my gray sweats for like centuries na! gawd!) I want Stella for Adidas!!!!

Where have all the good clothes gone?

I'm missing a lot of clothes s of late, missing in a sense that I don't know where they are...
right now, I'm looking for my bug eye sunnies from Betsey Johnson, my foldable Wayfarers ( albeit cheap, they're still my faves ), a junkfood tee, a pair of Zara Denims, and a ton of vintage chica stuff from my dear 'ol granmumsy and gran gran' haaaay on a lighter note... maybe it's God's way of saying, Dammit faggot you're out of clothes, you're sooo demode, go get new ones! ( uhm, reality check: I'm broke ).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Halston's dead... again.

HU-WHAT?! after just showing their fall collection this last February, Halston's main man, Marco Zanini handed in the papers. anyway... well, I guess you can say I wasn't at all surprised. still, yet again, it's a loss. gaaah! I mean, the other revivals have gone well, just look at Herve! everyone in HollyWHOod has been wearing those bondage dresses. maybe it's the lack of buzz and PR that killed of Halston. anyway. time for something new anyway... Mme. Gres!!! go! hahaha

Monday, July 21, 2008

Raquel Zimmerman in Paris Vogue.

Feisty ain't it!?

DISCLAIMER: due to the utter confusion going on inside the blogger's mind this is nothing but utter bull crap.

I'm in blogger limbo right now. I don't know what to write about, but my hand is itching like hell. gaah! what to do but to take out random thoughts in my head right? blabber mania. and right now... shet. I'm totally blank! gaaah! I'm tugging at my hair right now... ( meaning: I'm on flirt mode, I'm on pacute mode, or I'm just effin' bored... and judging from the current situation I'd say it's the latter) maybe, I'm just anxious 'bout the evaluation result tomorrow. I don't know. I've been meaning to go to UST because I'm in dire need of someone to talk to. someone to pour all this anxiety to. gaah! I've been looking for excuses to go there. haaay... abywhoo. point is I'm just restless and I need an outlet, gawd! the downside of not having any vices is that, the only outlet that I can think of is food. and god knows that should be the last thing I should reach for. anywhoo...for those of you, who's not in the know, I can't drink ( i get rashes, hives... I'm allergic to alcohol), can't smoke ( though, I really wanted to, because I just think it's sooo cool! shallow, I know but what can I say, I need to feed my narcissistic needs, it's my purpose in life. but I really can't smoke because I have asthma.) can't do drugs ( too chicken shit to try it, plus the thought of me going to NAzareth ( rehab) is the last thing on my mind right now.) so no other option but to eat right?! oh, yeah... can't rally go out because I'm fuckin' broke. speaking of which, have you (talking to a shopaholic here) ever experienced wanting something sooo bad but you can't afford it at the moment because the only thing in you pocket is lint, save for a couple of pennies, it makes you sick?! you know that feeling, like you're holding your pee or something it hurts?! and you feel so downright pathetic because it's soo dirt cheap you can't even buy it?! haaay. add that and the anxiety I'm feeling right now and you got yourrself a freakin' wreck of a fag. gawd! I really should get a grip pardon me for the random nonesense. I just need someone to talk to. haaay... wait a tick. just thought of something... BRB...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lazy Sundays

Details: Shirt: Gap, shorts: Topshop, Necklace: American Eagle, Shoes: Balenciaga, Bag: Dolce & Gabbana, Bracelets and Ring: Barney's, Watch: Audemar's Piguet, HAt: Topshop, Sunnies: Vintage


Details: Shirt: Todd Lynn for Topshop, Leggings: Sass & Bide, Dress: Miu Miu, Cardigan: Sacai, Necklace: NAtasha Collis, Pearls: Kara Ross, Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood, Bracelet: David & Martin, Bracelet (Gold): Dogeared, Ring: Langantiques, Sunnies: Karen Walker,

Old Hollywood Glamour

Details: Dress: Alberta Ferretti, Necklace: Natasha Collis, Belt: Azzedine Alaia, Leaf necklace: Torrini Leaf, Fur Stole: Vintage, Shoes: Alexander McQueen, Cuff: Celestina, Clutch: Celestina, Watch, Ring, Earrings: Cartier.

Details: top: Balenciaga, Jeans: Superfine, Jacket: Todd Lynn, Belt: Adorevintage, Studded Belt: Topshop, Skull Scarf: Wet Seal, Clutch: Alexander McQueen, Pins: Vivienne Westwood, Shoes: Vivienne Westwood, Ring: Alexis Bittar, Feather Cuff: Vivre, Watch: Dior

a bright moment. (?!)

a flash of my inner Plato surfaced last night... And I made a theory , one of those crackpot theories that pops every now and then... and It went like: you can make everything possible, you just have to outsmart everyone. play of words and the laws of psychology should apply. and with that you can crush absolution. after all, the world teeters ever so slightly on things we overlook. say perhaps words.


I HAVE A PREDICAMENT PEOPLE! first day of class is drawing near. and I don't know ifI should dress to impress or dress like the rest?! what should I do?!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

TOMA BORKOVA for rising thinspo goddess!

Another addition! TOMA BORKOVA!!! love that wittle, itty bitty waist! and those Limbs! if you have a good eye, sneek a peek at her card, and look at that waist... A 22!!! love love love!


THINSPO! here are my new and semi new girls that "inspires" me to be a size nadda!.

SNEJANA ONPKA (as always... except for that major "FAT"ulence during the last spring season).

An old shot of androgyny goddess STELLA TENNANT... My "vintage" Agyness.


Separated at birth: Siri and Marianne

let's do another round of "separated at birth" game! this time it's thinspo godesses Siri Tollerod and Marianne (?) of "Make me a supermodel" (UK edition) fame.


soooo loves what'ya think?! have I gone cuckoo or not?!

Balenciaga resort 2009

Mr. Ghesquierre, My God, my be all and end all of Fashion once again I worship the ground you walk on! I love love looooove this collection! I know I'm loving a lot of these resort collections, but hey! what can I say, It's a very "Geno" resort! hahaha!
Siri Tollerod looks like Marianne from "MAKE ME A SUPERMODEL" UK. hmmm should do a post on that later! thinspo goddesses galore!!!

LOVIN' that Jacket!
I'm also planning on slashing the sleeves of this old boy's blazer I found in my closet. now if only I can get rid of my "batwing" arms!