Saturday, March 22, 2008


we have a slacker at home. BItch is doing nothing even if she's supposed to do something! gawd dayum! I hate it when MAIDS!!!! do that! goddamn mamatay ka na NENENG!!!!! gaaah!!! she even had the nerve to invite friends over! fuck you ass wipe!!! is this your house?! anyway! my inner Erzsebet is creeping up... hmmm soooo many choices...

The Tortures of Elizabeth Bathory

The tortures Elizabeth Bathory inflicted upon women included:
beating the servant girls with a heavy cudgel
stucking pins into the upper and lower lips of the girls, into other parts of their flesh, and under their fingernails
having the women stripped naked and forcing them to perform their household duties in full view of men
forcing the servants to go on fasts with nothing to eat or drink for days
having cold water poured over naked girls, while they were outside in the cold and snow, until they froze to death
having girls submerged in a frozen river in winter
having iron keys and coins heated red-hot and forcing girls to hold them
having naked girls smeared with honey and then forcing them to stand outside for twenty-four hours and endure bites from insects
placing paper between the girls' toes and setting it on fire (called "star kicking")
putting her fingers into one girl's mouth and pulling until it split at the corners
setting pubic hair on fire
thrusting the hot iron into the face of the servant if a collar was not properly pressed
scorching girls with fiery swords or tongs
pouring scalding water on servant girls
biting and ripping out the flesh of the servants
cutting off fingers with scissors.

abyway hafta go... miss fag needs to pick up her Iron Maiden.

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