Friday, May 2, 2008

okay, here's the bit... I neede motivation. I need fresh new, thinpos! so here's the first bunch! I know some of 'em photos are a 'lil dated but hey! they moved me! ahaha... "moved" haha anyway. these are my currnet bone muses:
waif princess: kate Moss, usually and surprisingly though, most of her photos, I don't see as thinspos... hmmm. not thin enough for moi, but this one! hoot hoot! the legs my dear, legs! pin thin perfection!
Natasha Poly: catwalk goddess! I love the fact that she looks sooo frail in her cardi shirt, and whatevs ensemble! I want to look like that when I wear maxi clothes!

Hmmm, dunno who the model is but, hey! lov her already, gaaah, lack of ana research! anywhooos, who doesn't want long, lithe limbs like those!?

Ira Mastakihina: oooh! goodie goodie bony! love her frail,rail thin, bod! a lil pudgy at the thighs but, hell! still would trade my soul for a body like that!

And lastly, Jennifer Pugh: she's airbrushed, photochopped, and stretch to magical, somewhat alien like thin-ness! giving new meaning to the term long limbed!

and tharrrr yah have it! my current photo obssession du juor! down with fat! BURN BURN BURN!!!

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the unknown model with knees to her chest is Australian. Her name is Alexandra Agoston O'Connor and is with chic management. find her on under Alexandra Agoston as well.

peace xx