Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bakya begone! Oplan alis chaka!

while watching the Mummy 3 with, ironically my mum and dad, I chanced upon sitting next to the most irritating, noisy lowlife that ever existed in the history of mankind! damn! he just can't keep his mouth shut! what's worse? his girlfriend. and that fuckin' damn cheap ass accent! dude must have had his first cinema experience that's why he's sooo keen on telling the whole story to his, maybe, blind girlfriend (poor thing, she must've been using sonar and echolocation to move). that explains her screeching. we saw the movie at Robinson's place ( ever hear of renovation guys? isn't it about time to, you know, keep up with the world?). had a popcorn dinner, and finally had the chance to talk to my mom bout that little incident ( she was in mom mode, it went smoothly though, we were in the car under the neon lights of Roxas Boulevard).

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