Wednesday, January 9, 2008

zero diaries...

so yeah, I've put on 2 inches around my waist and am now clockin' in at a ginormous 138 pounds, (damn! being hoest 'bout my weight is soooo hard!!!) blah blah blah, anywhoo, good news though, aside from the recent add ons on my frame, width-wise, I also added a few cms. on my height, (5 cms. to be exact!) I'm now 5'9, still puny considering that some of them gigantor glamazons of the catwalks towers in with their gangly 5'11 frame. ugh gawd! anywhoo, I joined in at Allure's total makeover thingy, you know, just so it can aid me on my never ending quest to become a size nadda! and I'm on my first week. monday satrted off pretty good with moi only consuming 117 cals. tuesday is somewhat of a let down coz I consumed 1000+ worth of cals.! and now let's just say I/m going to burn in fat hell for consuming more than what I weigh! hahaha,but the thing is I don't feel that bad about it, hmmm. I dunno... but hey! tomorrow's a new day and I'll probably be back to my usual eating habit eh?! anyway, sweeties, I just wanna blog about it, just because. so there!

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