Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obssesions: PRE-FALL

okay, the pre fall collections came out eons ago, and this is uber late, but during those eons, miss fag was stuck in blogger limbo! so now I'm making up for lost updates! anywhoo, back to pre fall. ugh! it's just too too sad that we don't have fall here in the Philippines, and the only time I get to dress up in layers is during the occassional downpours that we get here. thank gawd for that! but I want more!!! I don't think occassional rainshowers would be reason enough to wear fur and elbow lenght gloves no?! hay! anyway... enough about ranting and back on the pre fall looks that made my heart flutter,
starting with Nina Ricci.

this is something that I can totally wear, even if I were stuck in this humid country, but I'm not exactly gaga over the necklace.

and onto Chanel, okay, I won't be wearing frills and ruffles, and definetly no skirts!!! but I would like to buy shiny hoisery... and black eyeliners will definetly be on my shopping list.

and Knits... gawd I love this dress... but the beehive maybe a little too trendy for the Phillies. Chloe's collection makes me want to scream "LA VIE BOHEME!"
I also love Missoni, it's the perfect marriage of dishabille and tailored. the model's messed up hair and the bare face is a nice contrast to the collection's well trimmed appeal. it also injects youthfulness to the collection. wearable to anyone, provided you have the budget and the legs for the looks. teehee!

Rachel Roy's collection has looks that are very Proenza and Vera. but it's still a collection worth your greens and plastics.

love the heavily sequined skirt and plain bustier top combo.

Speaking of Vera... vera's shilouettes were very lax and casual, with touches of glam, a slash of sequins here and a fur stole there were great accents that amps up the dressy appeal of fall dressing.

this makes me want to buy fur even if the temperature here is above boiling.
I'm a sucker for menswear inspired outfits. and this one from Calvin Klein is to die for. the slouch, the color palette is tres chic!
another " to die for " dress from Chanel...

J'adore, J'adore Proenza! I love their collection! it makes me want to go all prissy and shit! this one's a hit for moi! loves it! the colors,

the composition, is sublime and pure perfection!
Burberry also tickled my fancy. the silhouettes were very Burberry but somehow, there's a feeling of new-ness to it. hmmm... I dunno what it is, but heck! the important thing is, we love it.
OKAY, this is the one that I'm talking about being too Proenza, I say it's the color, the gold beading and the safari inspired undertone of the outfit that makes it too familiar. no?! anyway, we still love it!
Balenciaga's pre fall collection is also another collection worth our plastics, too bad my trip to the states was cancelled (more about that later) otherwise, I wouldve spent all my pocket money on every Balenciaga item my dirt poor fingers could touch.

lovely, prim and trimmed! it's soo collegiate and girly noh?!
Nina Ricci's violet satin coat is also another inspiration worthy item for pre fall, I have this obssession bout colors and violets, plums and eggplants are a few of my must have hues for my next shopping spree. I'm thinking of maybe buying a jacket, tights, a tank or a pair of jeans in those colors.

God save Proenza! lovely!
loves it!

ooh! another collection that's riding the boheme trend. this time through Donna Karan's eyes the furry, oversized beret though is too reminiscent of Louis Vuitton's Vermeer inspired collecton. anywhoo, we still love it!

and lastly, another look from Chloe. this really feeds my color obssessions. gaah! I really need to add color in my closet! and maybe a few bohemian inspired items. I think bohemian will be the next big thing.

and that settles it! photo and obssession purging done! yeah, sorry 'bout the long absence and the messed up photo placements! haha.please bear with my laziness. teehee.

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