Saturday, February 23, 2008

BritPop on the Fili Airwaves.

gawd!! we're sooo far behind! anywhoo... It's their music and their "art" so whatevs! anyway, I couldn't help but notice that some of our fili bands are conjuring up music with obvious references from the Arctic monkeys, BAbyshambles, the libertines and some of the ol' brit lot... and it really makes me wonder, are we gonna have a major Brit boom here in las islas?! anyway, all of that music talk aside, what really made me do a post bout music is really 'bout how it afffects the local fashion scene, everyone knows music is a big catalyst on the local fashion scene, and while the rest of the "fashy trashy people" were wearing prep, and american street apparel, hailing the GAp, banana Republic, and Juicy Couture as couture (don't ask me why! we ethnics have a funny way of thinking ... fashionwise.), I was already shodding and swathing myself in skin tight balzers, feodras, skinnies, porkpies, brogues and all 'em retro doodads (scored 'em from my grampa...and granma!). looks like this fag is a 'lil ahead of the curve! ego stroking much!? totally...

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