Monday, July 21, 2008

DISCLAIMER: due to the utter confusion going on inside the blogger's mind this is nothing but utter bull crap.

I'm in blogger limbo right now. I don't know what to write about, but my hand is itching like hell. gaah! what to do but to take out random thoughts in my head right? blabber mania. and right now... shet. I'm totally blank! gaaah! I'm tugging at my hair right now... ( meaning: I'm on flirt mode, I'm on pacute mode, or I'm just effin' bored... and judging from the current situation I'd say it's the latter) maybe, I'm just anxious 'bout the evaluation result tomorrow. I don't know. I've been meaning to go to UST because I'm in dire need of someone to talk to. someone to pour all this anxiety to. gaah! I've been looking for excuses to go there. haaay... abywhoo. point is I'm just restless and I need an outlet, gawd! the downside of not having any vices is that, the only outlet that I can think of is food. and god knows that should be the last thing I should reach for. anywhoo...for those of you, who's not in the know, I can't drink ( i get rashes, hives... I'm allergic to alcohol), can't smoke ( though, I really wanted to, because I just think it's sooo cool! shallow, I know but what can I say, I need to feed my narcissistic needs, it's my purpose in life. but I really can't smoke because I have asthma.) can't do drugs ( too chicken shit to try it, plus the thought of me going to NAzareth ( rehab) is the last thing on my mind right now.) so no other option but to eat right?! oh, yeah... can't rally go out because I'm fuckin' broke. speaking of which, have you (talking to a shopaholic here) ever experienced wanting something sooo bad but you can't afford it at the moment because the only thing in you pocket is lint, save for a couple of pennies, it makes you sick?! you know that feeling, like you're holding your pee or something it hurts?! and you feel so downright pathetic because it's soo dirt cheap you can't even buy it?! haaay. add that and the anxiety I'm feeling right now and you got yourrself a freakin' wreck of a fag. gawd! I really should get a grip pardon me for the random nonesense. I just need someone to talk to. haaay... wait a tick. just thought of something... BRB...

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