Saturday, July 26, 2008

my wish list.

okay, If I were to be given those much needed moolah, here's what I'll buy:

  • L'oreal True match in Nude Amber (N7)
  • a tube of concealer
  • those friggin' amazing wayfarers at Trinoma ( the red & black one, the white speckled one, and the maroon ones)
  • some more famazing wide leg jeans ( the Gap and those jeans from PrP are currently my faves )
  • a gray raglan tee from the GAP
  • more skyscraper heels
  • a large jumbo bag (for hauling stuff)
  • a duffel bag ( lately, I've come to realize, I have no chica overnight bag, they're all soo... ugh demode. hahahaha )
  • necklaces ( those with a vintage feel to them: read: tarnished or burnished bronze with a long chain and a simple pendant would do. )
  • a CHIC laptop bag.
  • blank CDs ( my laptop's memory is now in the ICU )
  • A DSLR. damn even a cheap camera would do!
  • an anorak ( for the cold)
  • and lots and lots of chic gym clothes (I've been wearing my gray sweats for like centuries na! gawd!) I want Stella for Adidas!!!!

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