Saturday, November 17, 2007

Okay, I have to jot this down for future reference. not the most original, but what the heck!

so starting off with the bag... Dolce & Gabbana. Love it...

A Misa Harada chunky beanie... we love...
Tom Ford Sunnies... hopefully they carry this in a much more darker lens for a n incognito effect...

a Michael Kors Chunky Sweater Dress...Very Nice!

A Fendi fringed skirt... the lenght of the MK sweater dress would conceal most of the skirt, and hopefully it will only act as an accent.

And Chloe's fall boots!

I'm not peppering my entry with my usually wordy details on the items coz my creative juices are on overload and I have to jot down every Idea... so there.... post comments m'kay?!

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