Thursday, November 15, 2007

Virtual Closet!

I LLLUUUURRRVE GOSSIP GIRL! I especially love Serena and Blair! so here's an ode to them! besides, I'm also hankerin' for a preppy fix!
so, here's a nod to Blair and her trademark accessory, the headband, lurve this one from Echo design, albeit a little reminiscent of Gucci coz of the horsebit detail, but what the heck! I could'nt find one at gucci so I guess this one would do.
wayfarers... AGAIN! because I just could'nt get enough of these! I just lurve 'em to death!and I recently found a vintage one that belonged to my mum! and you can bet your fat arses that I'll wear 'em to bits! hahaha
and now the muy expensivo watch! this one is from Krieger. the price is too obscene, so let's leave it at that m'kay!? and I don't care if you'll find it hard to tell the time coz of the exposed mechanism of the watch. point is... it's excellent arm candy so there! blind 'em with bling! bwahahaha dahling it's for show! hahaha

Gucci! Lurve the indy bag! and the preppy feel of the bag! so basically, I felt that this would go well with our gossip girl ensemble... though I had the option of doing a red metal Balenciaga lunchbox or a scruffed up messenger bag from Ralph Lauren, I decided to stick with the Gucci, Obviously...

and now, bling! Givenchy... this we love...

and a crest ring from Doyle & Doyle...

Scarf. nothing says prep than a striped rugby scarf, hough I wish it were a navy yellow combo like the ones we saw from Burberry and Michael Kors' collection eons ago... I guess this Topman would do.

Ralph Lauren... the basic staple of any preppster. for me this label along with Lacoste, Burberry and J. crew are among the brands that one should go to if ever one is hankering for a preppy fix.

the T shirt dress. this one is from Schumacher, the stiffness of the collar and the pleats are very prep, but the looseness of the fit tones down a would be severe outfit. you can also layer along boyfriend cardi over it or a waistcoat or you can wear it all by itself along with a few pop out accessories so as not to look plain, bland and BORING!

and being me... I'd like to go a little deviant on all my outfis, something out of place, but something that would still look good on the outfit. and this case it was the Vivienne Westwood pirate boots. Lurve em!

so.... can you say Geno Waldorf or Geno Van der Woodsen? haha! tell me what you think! show me you exist!

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