Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I love you but...


I love you but I'm sick and tired of shutting up and putting up a front that I'm fine and dandy when you tell me I'm wasting my life away, that I'm sick... I'M NOT!
godamn! why won't you listen! I'm NOT SICK!!!! would it kill you if you look at my side and not yours for a second! in fact you should be happy that I'm eating anything at all! I know you're just looking after me, and I'm grateful for that but, DAMN WOMAN! please lang! you're not a friggin' doctor, so you don't have the authority and the diploma to tell me I'm ill! that goes to everyone who thinks I'm anorexic, or that I have an eating disorder. sit up, PAY ATTENTION AND SHUT THE FUCK UP! tang ina! I can't hold it anymore! I'm going to say this once and that's it... I'M NOT SICK! I'M NOT ANOREXIC AND I DON'T HAVE AN EATING DISORDER!

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