Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I'm back, I'm back I'm effin' BACK!!! sweet, sweet civilzation! how I missed thee! hahaha! goodness me! I didn't know I'd be this happy to finally breathe in car exhaust again! hahaha! anyway!
talk about major poundage! my goodness!!! fag got more than a little pudgy!!! fuck it! FUCK IT ALL!!! I'm a WHALE!!! nope scratch that! I'm A CONTINENT!!! I had it comin'! all I ever did was fuckin' eat, sleep and watch the telly! gaaaaah!!! but there's nothin like a good 'ol starvation diet to fix my current body crisis! hahaha! halloo eating disorder! hahahaha! ANA MIA HELP ME! hahahaha! ching! anywhoo! I'll update later! miss fudgy butt is nursing a hangover from all the pasta she ate! hahahha! this will be the last! hahahaha that's for sure! after this, I'll be all about starving, working out and sweating it out in the gym! wish me luck luvvies! mwah mwah!!! gawd I missed blogging!

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macci said...

where are you!!?!??!?!?!!!