Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's official! in my book at least or closet for that matter. I'm saying sayonara to skinnies and hallooooo wide legs! everyone in friggin' Manila even, eeew, peasants are wearing skinnies! gawd! I just can't take it anymore! all 'em skinnies are everywhere I'll tear my eye out if I see one more of those doggone things! gaaah! I'd still be wearing my black Levi's though and my Cheap mondays those are exceptions! hahaha anywhooo... rcent purchases?! hmmm... a pair from People are People that is just beyond perfection! and a pair from Gap, with a price tag that is surprisingly expensive, considering Gap is like America's Bench or something like that? baah who cares! I used mom's plastic! haha anyway what's even more surprising is... drumroll please... I'm a size 0!!! hahaha OMG! I'm a nadda by american standards! hahaha. don't know though if I'm happy with it, coz Gap has bigger sizes compared to couture house and shats, so with that said I think I'm on the size 2 or 4 side... just to be safe... still puny compared to 'em size 12s! gaaah! hello Crystal Renn! ah yeah! I'm a Zara size 2! woohoo ana!

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