Saturday, April 5, 2008

it's too bad you can't choose your parents (your dad in particular) . obviously, I had a huuuge arguement with my dad. soo huge in fact that I've and he said vile things, things the bible would deem unforgivable! but really, if this is your way of showing us you care, then you must be a sadistic bastard! fathers should set an example, and you 're not exactly in a place to point out flaws, because you know, deep down in your lil black heart that YOU are guilty of things, of flaws much worse than any of our faults combined. way to show maturity pop! way to show control, discipline... a standing ovation to your parenting skills!!! you really are an example. a NEGATIVE example, an example ridden with don'ts! but hey! an example nonetheless!
but heed this almighty and superior being... if you think I won't stand up to you. you must be delusional! fuck the fourth commandment! it's worth the burn! I know your secerts asswipe! I know your skeletons! so just try and do all thoose shit you were babbling about, and let's just see who'll be stumped!

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