Saturday, April 5, 2008

a lot of things happened lately... I just chose not to blog it. maybe I'm lazy or maybe it's just too painful too relieve it all again, don't get me wrong though. not all of 'em were bad. ugh gawd! I feel like a bi polar tit right now! sorry for the rants... I just need an outlet that's all. my sisters have been very helpful and so is manang. I love her to bits! I'd be really depressed if the day came that she'll leave us for good. haaay buhay! anyway. Nica, I love you rin! the talks on the phone were saviors! it was a temporary escape from all these madness! Kia, Teta (shokla), kat, the gang, you're all soo great! I love y'all! you made things easier for me. and to the people I made promises to that sadly I didn't keep, albeit unintentional, I'm sorry. I won't burden you any longer by spilling out a novel, reasons are shat. but hopefully I will be forgiven. okay enough... ranting is soo last season!

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