Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the new "IT".

Isn't it funny how a funny lil thing like say... a TV show, can influence even the most untouchable influentials? did anyone notice this? I mean, yeah the net has always been a vile place strewn with hate blogs and shats but it wasn't this widespread and as vile before! it really has blown out of Perez Hilton proportion! the rise of the Gossip girls and the mean girls on the mainstream had people on the fashion industry finally show their true colors and by that I don't mean technicolored python skin! we all know that the fash set are a mean and unforgiving bunch with tounges that could turn lithmus papaer a deep scarlet red, but no one really showed cattiness and claws (well, with the exceptions of a few Naomis out there) I mean c'mon! no one really wants to admitt to their social stereotype! especially if those were imposed by some... ugh! commoner, a peasant, a speck. but recently, the media seems to be imposing that tell alls and bitchiness are the new "it" things. and the well heeled seem to be following 'suit. case in point? a recent article on a certain website lambasting Olivia Palermo for crimes of social climbing. locally, it's not as forgiving, it's even worse... a certain blog lambasting some of the society's well known figures for being... uhm... (for lack of better term) money deprived and horrid. I mean yeah, sure they did you wrong, but sweetie c'mon would you really stoop down that low? settle it in court! ahahaha anyway, but please don't fault me or call me a hypocrite for reading it, I mean, common! I'm just an average joe (or jane ) who still enjoys gossip! ahaha. baaah! who am I kidding?! I'm a down right carpet mucher! a hypocrite's hypocrite! ahahaha but whatever to some, I'm still God! ahaha

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