Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Now, that this whole UST debarment thing has finally cleared up, I'm kind of excited to start fresh! my time at that yellow spotlight had finally come to an end and it's off to greener pastures! anyway... hopefully, this next school will be "THE" school. gaah! never mind the tireless commute to and from the campus, It's well worth it. I mean It's better than a 2 hour long bus ride to Batangas right?! anyway... manang and I went there yesterday and the trip could only be described in two words... Tiring and yet Amazing! the building itself was a STUNNER! good God! how could I not know this structure existed and in the slums mind you (maybe that's why) , so the startling differences of the structure from it's surroundings only highlighted it's appeal... good grief! that certainly gave me chills and got me all excited for the next sem. anyway... I think the tiring and loooong commute ( a jeepney ride to the MRT station , off to TAft Ave. then an LRT ride to Vito Cruz, plus a few walks here and there ) would either make me or break me ( on the bright side, think of the calories that miss piggy's gonna burn! hahahaha) , depending on the day of course! God knows I can trek a mountain in five inched stilettos. well, that also depends if I'm up for it *teehee* anyway, the school has no uniforms which means it's time to shop, be resourceful or just not care at all! but I prefer option no. 1... shopping is my talent y'all know that! haha... okay, enough of the blabber! I just wanted to kill time... my insomnia is driving me nuts! hahaha or maybe I'm just excited! what with the prospect of meeting new friends, starting a new life, a new wardrobe urgh! STOP!!! this too much excitement is going too keep me up till August! haha well tata for now dears!
and go ARCHERS!!!

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