Sunday, July 6, 2008

A very CHANEL post: fall 2008 couture

tweeds, braids, more tweeds, chiffon and metal frames (?) that about sums up Chanel's couture fall collection of course with liberal slashing of jet beads and shats of course. I did see it coming though... somehow, Anna Wintour's ferosh "storm" dress during the cotume institute galawas a dead give away. this little observation was further solidified that Kaarl had Anna in mind during couture week when he sent out models in Anna esque bobs. hmmm .... that should come as no surprise. anywhoo enough blabber and let the show begin! (though couture week is over and done with. this was a draft sitting in my dashboard for less than a week or so, sorry for the delay! ;-) )
let's star of with this ensemble: TWEED, TWEED, TWEED, TWEED...tweed.
and gold. black, white, gray, gold and beige have always been the colors of Chanel.

love the feather and fur on tweed bit ( I know PeTA's gonna grill me for saying that but whateves! fur and feather is FEROSH!!!)

And now the Dresses: (drool!)

one question though: how are you gonna sit in this little confection?!

The shoulder reminds me of a Terno and Anna's "storm" dress.

the intricate pattern on the bodice really strikes me as ethnic.

O blessed virgin of the tweeds.

I fell for this dress!

This bit reminds me of Burberry though. it could be becouse of the ruching and tight frills.

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