Saturday, October 13, 2007


OMFG! my maternal OC instinct just kicked into high gear! I've been, scraping, cleaning, pulling putting, weeding out, hanging and constanly perspiring the whole afternoon! I dunno what came over me but, the sight of my room without a single orderly space made me scream ENOUGH ALREADY!!! I"M NOT GONNA LIVE LIKE A PIG!!! baaaah! but all the whining aside, there's something very rewarding after I did all those things. for one, I burned a helluva lot of calories!!! teehee! and secondly I found a treasure trove of old memorabilia some even dating back to pre high school! goodness! I even found an umbrella, that I've been looking for for eons now, two Louis Vuitton baggies (albeit out of date, they're still Vuitton so I'll probably use it! bwahaha!), a Dior sling bag, tons of shirts that were old school faves! and whole lot of other cutesy stuff! gawd! I also got rid of a whole lot, as in a WHOLE LOOOOOTTT of clothing, shoes, sketches, notes, makeup, and any random shit that were more than out of date. We're thinking of selling them, or handing them to our luverly relatives. we'll probably do the latter. ooh! and I also color coded my closet, and guess what?! I was left with a whole lot of BLACK! *schock, shock!* anywhoo, my closet looks a lot like the racks at Tyler or at Carbon with all the black!it made me realizethough that I need to put color in my closet. I've also decided that I'll update my wardrobe every season, that means pullling out all the items that woked for the past season, stashing them in my " could be" drawer and putting in all the items I think would suit the season to come. maybe that's why I'm left with all the black... don't get me wrong though, I love color, In fact I'm obssessesd with acid colors right now! haay! anywhoo!!! point is, I've decided that I'm gonna keep this up, that way I won't be spending a lot of things that I already have in the first place! and I'm gonna be more OC 'bout my room, especially, my closet! it's about time I give the same lovin' my room's given me for the last uhmm I dunno, 10 years?! gaaaaah! I'm gonna have myself a workout tommorow and a massage! that would ease all that strained muscle! oooh! I can feel it now! i think I deserve it noh?! *wink*

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macci said...

decluttering is really intimidating. like when you see all the stuff cluttered around and all, you just lose hope. but when that spark of OC-ness shines, its soo much worth it because of the peace you get at seeing stuff so organized, and seeing reusable junk from ur closet. haha. :*