Monday, October 1, 2007

Virtual Closet! Earthy prep.

sooo! another one! yet again! sorry 'bout all the virtual closet posts, but I can't seem to shake off my inner stylist! hahahaha so here goes... this time, we're feeling organic, eco prep. what to wear if your private school suddenly went clean and green! here's my pick!
Corto Moltedo. love the handles and the colors on this baggie! I also love the fact that it's a big bag. that way you can put all your trash in it! ahahahaha anywhoo! let's move it, shall we?!
of course, what's a signature Geno outfit without Balenciaga. and in this post, I chose the Balenciaga Scarf or neckerchief or whtever you call it! hahaha anyway, whatever you call it, it's gorgeous! it kinda marries prep and boho noh?!

and this jacket from Gryphon is just too gorgeous! loves it! the mismatched buttons and the quirky earthy detail on the sleeves are just too adorable!

and the tee, 2k has this and I just love it! don't you?! teehee!

and let's move on with the shorts. and this on from Topshop, I think would be fitting for this ensemble! th cuff and the waist did it for me! and that's that! hahaha

and the shoes! gotta have Chloe! coz Chloe's just too gorgeous too pass up noh?! these booties are from their latest A/W collection. and we adore it! j'adore Chloe! ooh! this would also be perfect for moi! it's very androgynous noh?!

okay, so the clothes on this outfit isn't really that eco friendly, but hey! it looks like one! hahahaha. so there tell me what y'all think! m'kay?!

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