Friday, October 12, 2007

Virtual Closet: GOTH: inspired by FASHION ROCKS fash ed.

okay! here we go again! part 2 of our " fash ed." and this time we're doing goth!!! whoopee! so expect all things dark and brooding! so m'kay! we're doing dress, fringe, texture and shit! and I can visualize pale, as in death pale face base with super dark eyes with a hint of dark purple or red. pale lips or black lips would do just fine thank you! so let's start shall we?!
and as usual, we'll do bag! and sincewe're feeling fringe and texture, I think, Prada's fringe bag would do perfectly well! I was debating on wether I'll do a fur bag or this one, and apparently this one won! but to all the fur fanatics out there don't be dissapointed! we're still doing fur! m'kay?!
so now hats! this is just cute! I could even wear this and would 'nt give a damn if it was boiling outside! haha this one's from Yohji Yamamoto by the way! god! I love him! I think he's one of the masters out there!

accessories! I'd totally rock things out with a fur trimmed glove from D&G! gives that lady nooir with an edge feel don't you think?!

anyway! DIOR, DIOR, DIOR! this one we like! I always have to have at least a watch or a bracelet before I step out that door and this time we're doing watch! the black is elegant and can still work with the outfit plus the crystalls kinda gives the watch an edge so we likey likey!

Ann Demeulemeester! I think is a goddess! second to Balenciaga, I think this woman has got my personal style down pat! god! I'm always looking forward to seeing this woman's collection! plus I know for a fact that we share the same love for Patti Smith! we love love love her!!

Burberry! not quite what we expect from the british brand, but they've been recently roughing their label up, particularly Burberry Prorsum. they'vr been embracing studs and hardware, and I have to say, they've completely converted me into liking their label! you see, I wasn't a Burberry toting beeeyotch before, but now, I've been constantly lusting over their fall collection's studded leather trenche, accessories and the heavily studded bags! the rowan bag in particular, anyway! back to the belt! we're doing belt coz I think the top part of the dress we've selected is kinda flat... so this would add interest noh?

and now, coat! this is from Ann Demeulemeester we're lovin' lenght, and we're lovin' androgyny! god! the woman can do no wrong! I love her!

and now, for another master! yet again, we chose Yohji Yamamoto! I super love him! so we chose this dress! the ruffles give it romance, while the blac and the lenght give it mystery and that goth appeal. loves it! it's what Morticia would wear if she were still dating Gomez

Givenchy! MY.GOD.! the lenght of this bootie is killing me, in a good way I might add! I think Balenciaga and Givenchy are the masters of the WTF?! shoe designs. the unconventional shape and the edges that these two has mastered is incredible!!! and as the french would say it, incroyable!

and there you go! my goth inspired outfit! show me love sweeties! post a shout out! tata!!!