Friday, October 12, 2007

Virtual Closet: the studded Loubutin boots!

I've booking at photos of celebrities and almost all of them, particulary the Olsens are being papped withe the newest, hottest "IT" shoes for Fall. actually I already saw this online way before they actually made their public debut. and I also think they'ra awesome! so there! anywhoo! I made up yet another outfit inspired by the Loubutins! y'know, something I'd totally wear if I were friggin' loaded like 'em Olsens! hahaha!
and now, let's start off with the baggie! Dolce & Gabbana's miss bunny bag is GORGEOUS! me loves it to death! gorgeous crinkled leather, lovely shape, and the zippered detail at the bottom is sooo doing it for me! and now we're doin' hat. ooh! I'm lovin' bowler hats!!! after Christian Dior's spring 2008 collection and all that mannish, androgynous brouhaha outfits that's been all the rage, I'm totally in love with bowlers! this one I saw from the Urban Outfitters website. fabulous noh?!
sunnies! red Raybans equal s hoteness! a perfect marriage of kitsch and a "don't-fuck-with-me" attitude. a rocker's bestfriend! and a fag's current obssession du juor!

Henrik Vibskov scarf! gawd! I just can't get enough of this! I love it!!!! love it to death!!!

Barbara Bui jacket. hotness. I love the toughness this jacket's exuding! it's very "fuck-off" chic!

ooh! lookit this tee from breath in style. it's just soo cute! loverly! papa joms isthatchu?! hahahaha.

skinnies, skinnies, skinnies! K by Karl Lagerfeld's skinnies are the bomb! love it!, noy too crazy bout the details on the calves but what the hell! they're still doing it for me! hahaha

and now the highlight of the outfit! CHRISTIAN LOUBUIN's studded boots!!! lovely noh?!!! gorgeous beyond words!!! I'll be a happy, happy faggot if Santa will give me these for Christmas.

and that's the story. been planning to do a post on the booties for soooo long, and now I can finally check that off my to do list! haaaay! anywhoo! still a lot more to go so keep posted! till next time luvvies!!! mwah mwah!!!

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