Sunday, October 14, 2007

Virtual Closet: Urban glam

for all my ghetto sisters out there! here's one for you! hahaha! of course anyone can do it! so we're feeling glam! and we're feeling street! we're currently lovin' gold and we're lovin' vintage. so here!
doin' sunnies as usual, Chloe! we all love aviators! everyone looks good in them! plus the style is oh sooo gorgeous!
and what's glam without a 'lil bling?! here's one from Ioselliani. I love the snake! I have a snake cuff that miss Macci gave me, and I've been wearing it to death. It's my skinny Bracelet! hahaha coz when she first gave it to me it wouldn't fit my then gigantor hand! hahahaha! but now whith all the inches and poundage lost, I wear it, coz it can fit my wrists na! hahahaha!

and another one, we're doing gold coz gold equals GLAM! and we're pilling 'em on coz we like to show off! hahahaha anywhoo! this one is from CC skye love this chunky bit! gorgeous!

and now the dress! Vintage Ossie Clark betchesss! I bet you my fat ass that's glam! anywhoo, the dress certainly brings you back to the Halston wearing seventies noh?! I can imagine someone in the dress, lounging on their backyard pool, a martini in hand, a big floppy hat, gorgeous jewelry and putting in "dahling" in every sentence that passes through those crimson lips! GORGEOUS!!! bring the seventies back!!! hahahaha

and now the street, urban bit! Balenciaga booties for the kickers! nice eh?!
totally unexpected, but I assure you it WOULD WORK!!!! loves it! the gold hardware soooo compliments the golden peach tinge on the dress, and the jewellry. so there!

anyway! I just love Balenciaga! ahahaha! and there you have it! urban, glam, and FABULOUS! what y'all think?! post some shout outs m'kay?! show me you exist! XOXO!

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