Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Virtual closet

The recent grey weathers have now prompted me on what to wear this coming months. and I'm feeling textures, grey, black and silver. so yet again, I've put a 'lil outfit, via "the closet" and here's what I picked,
a silver monogram speedy from Vuitton, for my sudden hunger for silver. I love it 'coz it literally adds bling in any outfit and it certainlly has that "it" bag factor, guaranteed to get you glances from the inggeteras! bwahahahahaha
and bitch should'nt leave home without the sunnies! I've already said that sunnies make the girl ( or fine, the boy ) , wear it even if it's cold and grey, simply beacuse it's chic! hahaha sunnies are and will be your bestfriend if your face doesn't do you wonders. this one from Olivier Goldsmith can instantly transform you from Miss Ederlyn Chakaroo to chi chi chicness in a snap! coz the oversized frames would instantly cover that mug you call a face! ahhahaa ching cing charing!!! of course you know I'm kidding hahahaha.
and who has heard of cold dressing without the coat, this wool coat from Chloe, is a personal must have item. I love volume on the top, and this one won't disappoint!perfect for 'em cold nights and if you want to have chicken legs! teehee!

Fendi, Fendi we adore thee! lookie lookie what I found! a gorgeous fringed dress from the house of Fendi!!!! loverly non?! this would definately curb my texture craving! hah! also love the flapperish feel this dress is givin'! very ingeneue!

and again, the leggings. don't ask why! it's just IN and it would certainly cover up my "not-so-perfect" legs! hahaha

shoes, shoes shoes, I can't get enough of 'em! I think I may be converting into a shoe hag, rather than a bag hag! hahahaha. anywhoo! I really can't get enough of ankle booties, practically the oxford types. so here's another one from Yves Saint Laurent. perfection! I love the wooden heel!

so there! " winter" dressing for y'all. tell me if you love it, or if I'm totally fuckin' deranged for wearing a clobber like this in the streets of the metro! hahaha, but seriously! that's what makes it fun! breaking the rules, and not letting be constricted to any weather, rule, trend or whatever! dressing up should be fun and should satisfy your whimsy! too bad we're all too poor to afford such frivolity! but what the heck! we still have our imagination and that gun and ski mask lying around somewhere. you decide bitches! and as for me?! there's always option 2! teehee!

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