Friday, October 12, 2007


A first it was Snejana... and now GEMMA!!! what the hell is happening wit the skin and bones industry?! are we really bringing ''sexy" back?!!! WTF!!!
who wants to see blubber on the runway?! fat is too distracting for clothes! are we really over the waif?! Karl even sent back three models for being too thin. what ever happened to thin is in?! gawd! it makes me wonder, who will be joining the blubber wagon next?! oh dear God don't make Vlada eat carbs! hahaha


macci said...

eeww. gema looks so human. eeeeww. seriously! she's become a pig.

Anonymous said...

I know! she doesn't belong on that runway! Karl should've sent HER home! gahhh!-GENO