Friday, October 12, 2007

Virtual Closet: PUNK ( inspired by the FASHION ROCKS editorial)

Okay, so I was lookng at all the lovely mags that my sister brought home from Mickey Mouse land and I saw this fashion editorial from FASHION ROCKS zine. and I was sooo into it I decided! I'm gonna do the same! It was all about fashion tribes. y'know all that, are you goth, mod, punk and all that shit. so being the copycat fag that I am, hahaha I decided to do my own interpretation.
let's start of with the punk bit, sunnies would be the Raybans. nothing says rebel, than the wayfarer. and the red just adds more to that " bad attitude" vibe noh?!
so we love our wayfarers... and then
gloves, for some reason I'm feeling gloves... but not just any gloves, these ones are from Chanel. yup yup! if we're gonna get rough, might ass well do it in style noh?! so there.

and accessories... punks love accessories, tough looking bracelets, pins and necklaces are all the rage. it's all about pilling 'em and looking aggressive with 'em that makes it sooo... sooo.. PUNK! hahaha so here's a piece from made her think, and I think it's sooo gorgeous. totally lovin the studded lock detail.

and the pins! I own a lot, and I mean a LOOOOT! of these pins from Iloveyou store, coz they're sooo dirt cheap! hallooo they're only P100 ($2.00) each!

and key chains. this might not be punk, but I just love it, so I'm gonna post it anyway! haha! this one is from Balenciaga. It's actually a key Chain, but a 'lil DIY magic can easily transform this into a brooch, pin or a pendant.

tough rings are a staple in a punk's wardrobe, this one from Ioselliani is the bomb!!! it's a one piece ring but looks like you have several on. it's cute noh?!

Gerard Yosca's chain totally screams punk! it's hard, it's a no nonsense jewellry I LOVE IT!

Tom Binns! in my opinion, is the go to guy for tough, but still chic jewellry. this cuff is gorgeous! loves it!!! be careful of the studs though! coz you just might poke an eye out! teehee!

ugh! also Tom Binns! what more can I say...

okay! let's do skulls! with bling! hahaha! inject some of that Ghetto appeal to a punkish element. Luis Morais' necklace is uber pretty! it's very abdrogynous in my opinion! and very attire appropriate!

Junya, Junya, Junya! We LOVE JUNYA WATANABE!!! this jacket is really to die for!!!! the color, the style is GORGEOUS! totally rebel chic! anywhoo! my only problem 'bout this jacket is the material, uhm... I think leather would be a more perfect metarial, noh?!

Anywhooo! nothing says PUNK more than a shredded, deontructed tartan! this Jean Paul Gaultier dress is ssooooo grogeous! I'm prepared to go down on anybody just so Ican have it! gawd! I swear to God! I'm gonna rob a friggin' bank if I have to! hahaha

and now we layer! fishnets that is! preferrably ripped, torn, and shredded to pure PUNK perfection! time to pullout that scissors ladies and snip, snip away!!!

these would be gorgeous when layered, I swear. heck even when worn on it's own, it would still be gorgeous!

now, a personal fave! GOD. GIVE.ME. THIS. PLEASE!!!! the studded boots from Junya Watanabe's fall 2006 collection!!!! please, please please dear lord! I have to have one!!!! waaaaah!!!

there you go! my interpretation of PUNK! tell me what you think m'kay! suggestions and comments are totally accepted, but if you do have a comment, please say it nicely! teehee, I'm too fragile to take in any negative feedback! m'kay! hahaha! I'm Kiddin'! fire away! mwah!!!


macci said...

i love punk over goth, no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, I know I love black, but too much of it mekes me want to gag! anywhoo! don't you just love the Watanabes?! gorgeous aren't they?!-Geno