Thursday, October 4, 2007

Is this the new "IT" shoe for spring?! well, one thing's for certain, the Olsens will surely be papped with 'em! well, not for a little while though. but I'm sure there'll be a lot of sightings of these babies in the coming months! as have any other Balenciaga shoes of yore!


macci said...

im not a pro at these stuff, but i still have eyes. eew. bad collection. you're right "same dress, different prints", ughhh.. the dress isnt even pretty. even the metalic suits and all arent pretty.

i know its not about wearability, but the collection really isnt pretty.

geno said...

I know! I was a 'lil disappointed with Balenciaga. I was expecting a little more edge, a 'lil different from the others, and ironies of ironies, he came up with one dress, different prints! talk about sifferent?! I hope this is just a minor booboo from Mr. Ghesquiere.