Friday, October 12, 2007

LOOKBOOK: what I'll probaly wear for the Class trip!

the class is going out!!! and we're all going to Laguna! and this has prompted me to think about what I' m gonna wear! and even though the "ber" months are here, we don't really have that "brrrr" effect. hallooo!!! we're near the fuckin' equator for cryin' out loud, so here's a 'lil somethin' somethin', I thought of that would marry Fall's trends and the still summer-y heat of chaka land!

Botkier's Sasha bag. rain or shine this baggie would still work. loves it! and this would totally make for a chic overnight bag. perfect for the trip noh?! I have a bag that's very reminiscent of this thing right here. so that would suffice noh?!

anywhooo! anyone who reads my bloggie would know that I'm a sucker for panama hats! gawd! they've been around for quite sometime but I just can't seem to get over them! waaaah! anywhoo! old hat (pun intended) as they maybe, we'll still give 'ol hattie some love. so there. besides it would be perfect for the weather here in chaka land.

WAYFARERS, wayfarers, wayfarers!!!! gotta wear my white ones to death!!!!! have to show them off noh! hahahaha milk it 'till I gettired of it! hahaha anywhooo!

I am also in loooooove with scarves with prints like these. this is from Number (N)ine by the way. it's very street noh?! very moi! in my opinion. so gotta have it! I have one similar to it. not exactly it but close enough!

a long, but feather light, grey cotton cardi from 3.1 Phillip Lim. I LOVE PHILLIP!!! i have to have this one coz my arms are just too damn fat to be exposed in public! and this chic cardi would be the perfect cover up for 'em gigantor arms.

anywhoo! a deconstructed tee from Insideout I think is a perfect way to inject uniqueness to the look. with all the basic stuff goin' round this outfit, it's time to inject something eyecatching and different. and this would do. discreet but still eye catching noh?!

Topshop! anyone who knows me though, knows that I hate wearing shorts! gawd! I abhor my legs!!! so I wouldn't be caught dead wearing shorties, but I'm seriously considering it these past few days. hmmmmm what if?! baaah! I'm too fat for shorts! but hey! I'll still post it for style's sake!

(PICTURED AT TOP ( coz of a stupid mistake miss chaka did ugh!!!))

Havaianas. I'm feeling flip flops for the trip. maybe because I know that there'll ba a pool involved so there you go! I guess that's reason enough for the flippy Flops. these ones are fuss free. none of 'em chi chi frou frou details, plus I have it so there! hahahahaha I think everyone here in Phili has one!!! goodness!

what do you think?! I don't know bout the shorts but what the hell! I could trade 'em with my skinnies anyday and the outfit would still work. but I'll slut it up anyway so there you go! hahaahaha

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