Wednesday, October 24, 2007


OMFG! I have to apologize for the recent lack of updates! gawd! I'm stuck in the province and apparently, internet is void and unheard of in my little provincia! goodness me!!! anyway! I'll be flooding my blog with posts on November, coz I still have to suffer a week or two here in in the province! gaddamnation!!!!!! anyway wish me luck! cow dung to everyone ! mwah!!!


macci said...

oh my effing goodness!!! where the fuck are you!?!?? province is sooo bad! updates! miss you bitch! :* manila's a bore without you, if you have to know.

Anonymous said...

i miss you genoness!!! WE MISS YOU MUCH!!! we have to eat crepes soon...macci and i are kinda celebrating... love yah nesss!!!! ;']

insane_orange said...

I once fell on cow dung. Not an experience I want to repeat.