Tuesday, October 2, 2007


OMG! I'm in deep shit! turns out, there were classess yesterday! damnation!!! anywhooo, I think I have a valid reason. c'mon! it was fuckin' raining buckets!!! so they'd better excuse me! hahaha! anyway!!! I came to class today (albeit late), and I really missed the class!!! heck I even bought presents for everybody to munch on! teehee! missed you guys sooo much! feels like I've been gone for soooo long! anywhoo! special mention to Macci though for giving me a fash mag! luvyah betch!!!! muy mucho grande!!! mwah!!! and to the class! love y'all except.... ahhhhhaaaaa cahring! wag na nga! I'm such a meanie! hahaha

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