Thursday, October 4, 2007

Virtual Closet: Christian Dior fall 2005 Geno-fied!

I don't know, but for some reason, I still can't get over Christian Dior's striped fall 2005 ensemble. I swear to God! it's haunting me! so I've decided to make another virtual closet, this time inspired by the striped outfit of Dior. and although Dior's is already perfection, I've made this outfit a 'lil more Geno m'kay?!. so don't tell me it doesn't resemble the one Galliano did for Dior! m'kay?! so let the frou fou-ing begin!
this is Christian Dior's Fall 2005 striped ensemble that still haunts me to this very day! gawd! I'd love to have that! and this is my interpretation. of course starting off with the baggie! let's do Prada. we love Miuccia's fringed baggie. the olsens were seen toting this luvvy here, and boy, I sure hope that I can to.
and the hat and the sunnies. This one, we borrowed from Dior, because all the others look like trash when compared to these! I LOOOOVE SKINS! exotic skins! and this hat from dior with the croco skin is totally to die for. hence the post.

and now we're feeling jackets. maybe because of the terribble weather. so here's one from Topshop. I loove biker jackets! I swear to God! the minute Zara or Topshop goes on sale, I'll hoard all the leather that I can see! hahaha cheap hag! but what are we peasants to do but really on sales noh?! anywhoo!

the striped tee! this one is from a british label called All Saints. and I immediately fell for the mismatched stripes on this top! I love it coz it won't make you look a ton heavier than you already are, so this would definetely go in my wish list!

and the skirt! m'kay! before you say whoa!!! let me explain first! I just picked the skirt, coz I wanted volume at the bottom, and I think I can pull of something as avant garde as this! so c'mon, give me a chance! or better yet! give me a fanny!!! hahaha fur pie bitches!!!! ching!

and the tights! I'm feeling ribbed and vlack. this one from Missoni would be perfect! I love it! the texture is great, the fit, only thing you'd worry 'bout it is the price. coz at $185.00 you'd probably scream WTF!!! I know it's pricey for a pair of leggings but, hey! it'd probably last a lifetime. so go ahead splurge! now, if only someone would bring Missoni in the metro.

and the shoes! Dior did a knee lenght bootie but I'm doing ankles. and these towering ones from Balenciaga would be perfect, perfect, PERFECT!

and ther you have it! Parissienne gamine as interpreted by moi! j'adore or non?! what can you say?!


dressedandpressed said...

Totally loving those kick-ass boots!

geno said...

I KNow!!! don't you just looooove Nicholas Ghesquierre?!