Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Virtual Closet!

damn! I wanna go out! my body is in dire need of dancing! hahahaha! I've been clammed up here at the house, eating half my weight off with junk! I NEED A DANCEFLOOR!!! hahaha my sis is still not home so I'm left with no one to go out with! ARGH! the past few months have been so.. so. NORMAL!!! gaah! well, what's a deprived fag to do?! build a fantasy wardrobe! hahaha! maybe that's why I'm flooding my blog with Virtual closet posts! hahahaha! anywhoo! on with the show!
for this occassion, I'd go for the Miu miu coffer bag. this has also been on my lust list for the longest time! so here! a proper post and acknowledgement on the baggie! teehee!
oh yeah! I'd also go out in a panama hat! I don't fuckin' care if it's warm, dark, raining, sunny, hailing or whatever! I'm gonna feed my obssession and go out in a panama hat! haha!

and Tom Fords. these are the ultimate accessories of bing bang IT girls and scoialites. buggies and sunnies at night! so the next time you see me wearing 'em in the dark, fuck off! and don't mind me! I'm being a poser! hahaha
and of course bracelets. I dunno why, but I can't go out the freakin' house without one. I feel naked without 'em. heck! even when I'm in my jammies I still have my red braided bracelet with me. the only time I take my thinga majigs off is when I'm in the shower! so here, a bangle from the house of Chanel. why?! coz we love Chanel! and that's reason enough! hahaha

now on to the clothing. yes, I do wear dresses BUT... only if they don't look like dresses. m'kay?! know where I'm going at?! like, sure, I'd totally go out in a yamamoto dress, or a reworked dress from Iloveyou or a T shirt dress or tunic from Tomas Maier or stella Mccartney, that won't be a problem. but don't expect me to come out with a full blown ball gown ala cinderella m'kay?! haha I'm not that drag-ish! hahaha ( although an haute couture gown from Chanel or Dior would be an exception. teehee ) anywhooo! back to the ensemble! hahaha this gold one from Catherine Holstein would be a good example. though I'm still not sure bout em sleeves. but hey! I'd wear it if I wear 10 lbs. lighter and a whole lot thinner! hahaha but if you were me and you weigh 'bout a ton, there's always the option of layering on an amazing coat ( a cropped fur jacket perhaps ), a chic blazer ( in black ) or a chic cream colored maxi cardi from Tomas Maier or Miu Miu.

and now, the bottoms. I'd go leggings on this one. and Wolfords would be where I'd go to if I were to do leggings. these ones has a nice sheen on 'em. not too shiny, but not matte. and of course. I'd go with black. I mean, hallooo! I already look like a whale, so let's stick with black shall we?! teehee!

and shoes. I had a conversation with Macci not too long ago 'bout shoes, and I remember telling her that given the choice of Lanvin or Blahnik, I'd go for Lanvin. I mean, halloo dahling! the spindly stilletos of Blahnik would only make my thick legs look thicker! hahaha so Lanvin it is. these ones I'd totally go gaga for! It's not too girly, which means, when I go out wearing 'em, there won't be that too many a scornful looks from the peasants of the third world! hahaha meanie! anywhoo! everyone here is totally devoid of style, that anything besides the uniform of tees, jeans and sneaks would gaurantee you a look that would make anyone turn pink. ( think, Meryl Streep's icy up and down look on the Devil wears Prada. ) hay. anywhoo! WHAT THE FUCK! SCREW IT! I'd o out in Vivienne Westwoods hooker heels for all I fuckin' care! hahaha die maggots die! haha

gaaah! another outfit that would haunt me forever. hay! anywhoo! that's until I get my first paycheck! hahaha! then let the shopping begin! haha I reckon I'd spent all of it, not even a dime left, in less than 30 minutes! hahaha anywhoo. tell me what you think sweeties! leave a comment. you know I like it when you do! mwah!

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