Monday, October 1, 2007


I hate it!!! damnation!!! gawd! I had aMAJOR slip up today!!! I ate half a roll of Chips Ahoy cookies ( even if they're reduced fat, I still know I'm going to fat hell!), a bag of peanuts, 2 pancit canton, 2 apples, a banana, and a bowl of soup today!!! my god!!!! I just know there's gonna be major poundage tomorrow! even now I feel all bloated and shit! GOD! I need to purge!!! hahaha anywhoo!!!I need! inspos! thinspos to get me backon track! I swear to god! this is the last time I'll binge eat my weight to damnation! argghhh!!!!!!!
I love her chest! I want to have it! bony chest!!! loves it!

now why didn't God gave me these legs! huh?!
waaaah! I want them soo bad!!!

perfection eh?! we love bones! angles! joints and ribs!

ugh! even if this screams PHOTOSHOP! I'd still post it! now, before you say anything, I'm not desiring to be this thin! gawd I don't want to be a living corpse no! I just want to whittle my figure just a 'lil bit! teehee!and after that a little more, then, a little more tillI'm just pile of hair, skin, bones and clothes! hahahaha kiddin'!

anyway, here are photos from the recent Milan Fashion week! and MY golly! almost everyone has lost weight! here's major thinspo from miss Vlada Roslyakova at Missoni. oooh! don't you just love those arms?!

and here's Sheila Marquez with Coco Rocha, also at Missoni. Coco's really not doing it for me, but, take a look at miss Sheila's collar bones!!! lovely noh?! IWANT THOSE!!!!

and miss Magdalena Frackiowak, with her lovely gams! dammit! I knowI'll never have 'em legs but, libre manggarap! hahahahaha

and my recent Pin thin obssession, miss Carolina Pantoliano, working it in Anna Molinari's catwalk! dammit!

and now, away from fashion week, and onto my model archives! here's one from miss Jaslene winner of ANTM's cycle 8. god! look at her! she's as thin as the lollies! hahaha perfection!

and miss Hana Soukupova! miss tall and Lean from Russia! here in Bergdorf Goodman's campaign! gorgeous!

this one I don't know. but whoever she is! we love her! I mean, look at that frame! damn bitch is gifted with ana! hahahahaha

and Miss Eugenia M. love the hipbones! chinchansu beauty's workin it! hahaha

and former miss thinspo Snejana Onopka at the Nina Ricci A/W 07 dammit! love, love, love it! why did she ever go chub?!

anywhoo! Anabela Belikova here, not really a major thinspo, but God bless her for her amazing gams! long, lean and bony! just like I like 'em!

and the goregeous Carol Sippel! Twiggy incarnate! damn bitch even has the haircut! hahahaha loves it muy mucho! lovely arms, whittle waist, small, frame, long, thin legs... Bitch has 'em all! egad! love it!

lovely! pure perfection! this is 'bout as far as I wanna go. so you can throw 'em WTF comments out the window m'kay?!and now, Masha T. yah know... I'm really ot into her face wise, but her body i bangin'! loves it!

ugh! I really hope I'll get out of this rut! have to have that self control back! still have to lose those last 2 inches. anywhooo! I finally stopped snackin' my ass off! THANK GOD! but damage done! hay buhay! anyway! I'll buy diet pills na lang and pray to god that they'll fuckin' work! hay, where's Mac Mac when you need him. e di sana I have my own bottle na of Adderall! hahahahaaa I'm screwin' joke!!!!!
pray for me luvvies!!! go for 23! awoo!


Anonymous said...

good luck hun
It is good to see there are still people who don't want to be fat if I have to "accept" big people and not descriminate or whatever but I'm supposed to eat it's bull if you ask me so I'm glad to see your page it is an inspiration

thighsdonttouch said...

shit man
good to know there are still people out there who wont just accept all the fucking fat asses. honestly how can people just keep on shoving food down their throte and not care who knows it.
stick to it, beauty is pain, ED's are evrything blahlalalala...
have fun being ANA (i know i did and i still am) the serious psychological damage is worth it ;)
kisses xx

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Anonymous said...

I love reading everything. Good Luck and stay strong. you're an inspiration.

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