Friday, October 12, 2007


yey!!! my sister has finally arrived!!! along with a ton of goodies from Mickey Mouse land! yey!!!! I missed her muy mucho!!! and I'm totally loving her to death with all the goodies she gave me! want to know what miss thang gave me?! here's a list: ( I have no digicam to capture 'em glorious thingamajigs, so sorry if there's no visual aid m'kay?! you have to settle with your good 'ol imagination! teehee ( but I'll post some soon!)).
  • white wayfarers
  • purple oversized Willy Wonka sunnies
  • gray oversized BITTEN by SJP sunnies
  • Earl skinnies
  • Pepe Jeans also skinnies
  • black Levi's skinny jeans
  • red and black suspenders: VERY AGYNESS!!!
  • Red Tights: VERY IEKELINE!!!
  • a TON OF MAKE UP: mostly Estee Lauder.
  • a truckload of acid bangles, disney pins, and several other trinkets
  • houndstooth tweed chuckies
  • a red, enamel skull ring
  • and two tank tops: a zebra printed one and a gray printed one.

anywhoo! these are just some of the goodies she gave me! woohoo!!! a whole new wardrobe to mix and match with!!! BTW! if by any chance, you get to read this, sister dear, I love you soo much and thanks again for the goodies!!! happy you came back na!!! mwah mwah!

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