Sunday, September 30, 2007

Virtual Closet: high street: Topshop

okay! we're feeling high street today, so I'm gonna post a TOPSHOP segment today m'kay?! anywhoo. topshop, along with Zara and Mango have always been my fail safe store, in case I'm in a fashion rut. so here's a 'lil tribute to Topshop. (I'll find Zara and Mango items online next time! *wink* )
I love this satchel, coz it's roomy, slouchy, and it kinda reminds me of Botkier. hmmm I dunno why but it really does! ahahhaha anywhoo! moving on too...
the trilby! I love hats like this! coz they're the only ones that looks okay on my head! hahahaha or anything oversized for that matter, coz otherwise I'd look like an egg! hahaha

and now sunnies! halloo! by now, you'd already know that I'm a sucker for frames! hahahaha and these one is no exception! hahaha love the red! and the white strips! LOVE IT MUY MUCHO!!!
and the scarf! I always add a scarf in my outfit if I wanna look euro-chic! and these ones I LIKEY LIKEY!!! I've poted them a 'lil earlier and I'm gonna post it again coz I still can't get over it! ahahahaha.

and UGH! the biker!!! I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!! I'm gonna write Santa a letter this Christmas, and I'm gonna ask him for one of this along with a ton of other stuff! hahaha

I love a white tee! and the print or slogan is lovely!!! very, uhm groupie! hahahaha

and this one I like! work it like Kate Moss! high waisted jean shorts baby! hahaha! shatnte shante betch!

and lastly, the bootie! anyoe I know knows that I adore boots, come rain or shine, you'd see mee sashaying my tooshie in knee highs or ankles and this mid calf one is no exception! gotta get my hands on a good pair of mid calfs! these kinda reminds me of the Marc by Marc Jacobs on Teen Vogue's fashion ed for Sept. 2007.

and there you have it! Topshop purging! hahaha loves it! so sad the Topshops here in Manila are incomparable to those in the other countries. ugh! they don't even have Topshop Unique here! or Celia Britwell but whatevs! Singapore's only a few hours away! via plane of course! teehee!

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