Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fashion faux pas?

Is Fashion ready to say au revoir to the wayfarers? are we witnessing the demise of the beloved pairs? with many a magazines ( People magazine for example) and sites ( Menstyle.com) saying they've had enough of the pairs, what are we fashion victims to do with our pairs? and mine hasn't even arrived( a white pair ) yet ( but I have a pale pink pair already)! sure, they've made their re introduction months or even years ago and I don't know 'bout you guys but, I think, I'm not ready to say sayonara to my pairs just yet. sure they're a 'lil old hat, but you can still modernize it and keep it in tune with the current trends, like mixing and matching 'em with this year's haute new trends ( why don't we do a Rodarte-ish inspired outfit, you know the whole girly meets rock feel in their spring '08 by pairing wayfarers with chiffon dresses for next year's spring? and it's a helluva a lot easier for fall, what with the biker jackets, leathers, and layers, wayfarers will easily if not perfectly adapt to the season's rockabilly chic appeal. ) . and with young hollywood, and fashionistas out there still sporting the trend, I think It's a 'lil bit more difficult to kill the obssession with these luvvies no? so It's not baboosh to the pairs, in fact we could still be seeing a lot more of this trend! what'yall think yey or nay?

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