Sunday, September 30, 2007

Virtual Closet! Miss emo!

okay now! for this edition, be prepared for black, white and gray overload! miss emo has arrived! her ensemble anyway. anywhoo! here's a 'lil somethin' somethin that I think miss emo would love! teehee
The lockheart kelly bag, I dunno if miss emo is a a baghag, but, what the hey! I'm still the boss here! hahaha so let's give her a bag!
and of course, emos have to have their sunnies! this one from Chloe is everything a shady person would love. it's dark, oversized and hard.
oooh! and we love Ann Demeulemeester! and I know for a fact that Miss Emo loves stripes! and black and white are, you guessed it! her faves! so I guess this one's perfect for her.

and the skinnies! I love this pair from Topshop! the "wet" jeans is a nice contrast to the matte texture of the cotton top. love, love it!

and now a lil hardware! Guisseppe Zannotti! I already did a post on this one. but we love it! so we're gonna post it! again! ahahahaha.

so, do we love it?! I'm expecting a feedback miss emo! hahahaha pressure much?! anyway! we love yah! tell me what you think m'kay?!

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