Thursday, September 13, 2007

Helmut Lang spring 2008

There's something very reminiscent of the minimalistic 90's in the newly re launched Helmut Lang spring 2008. clean cuts, down to the color pallete of black, white, and blue totally screams 90sit's refreshingactually, it makes me a lil' nostalgic. hay! back then I was blithely unaware that most of my fashion sketches when I was in second grade ( or was it third?) resembled that of Helmut's collection, Skinny trousers and chiffon, high techie fabrics with sheen, only difference was that mine had color, olives, blacks and khaki, hahahaha. okay, enough about moi! let's talk spring as interpreted by head designers Michael and Nicole Colovos, I loved the outfit above, love he print on the shirt, the fabric, cut of the Jacket and the white, slighty crinkled skinnies, though some of the looks really did'nt do it for me. there was this one black dress that crinkled like a trash bag. eeyuck, i think even Lang fanatic Stella Tennant would trash that trash bag of a dress! hahahaha. BUt don't get me wrong, I LOOOOOVE Helmut Lang, besides Calvin Klein he is the master of minimalism. anyway back to the review. I don't know out you but I can easily forgive the duo's booboo on some of the trash bag disasters on the show coz they made up for it by sending these light as air confections down the runway, demi sheer galore! one dress in particular is sooo spring! the blue one. it's light it's airy, it's bright! hay spring, it has some romantic undertone noh? some of the pieces could also work well for fall, think layers. anywhoo! here a re some of the photos from Helmut Lang's collection.
ooh! I love this!

this one is soo reminiscent of my past sketches! gawd! (the hooded one).

I love, Love, Love this dress!!!

P.S. the laced up booties were great!

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