Monday, September 24, 2007


aw gawd! work, work work! miss busy bee is on high alert! I have a ton of things to do and I'm wastin' precious time in front of my laptop screen! argh! anywhoo! here's a list of what miss busybee needs to do:
  • I need to finish 3 plates for my AD subject
  • need to finish my GRA plate
  • need to do powerpoint presentation for Theology
  • need to visit museum with miss nica and the rest of the gang fo our nat sci. thingie
  • along with a ton of paperwork (ARGH!!!!!)
  • report on greek art for our HAR
  • finish 2 unfinished plates for our DRFL
  • buy sunnies at G4
  • check out the newly opened ZARA outlet at Trinoma
  • go to the gym on thursday, because I'm goddamn FAT!
  • go to SFAS for my monthly retail fix
  • collect debts
  • pay debts
  • buy a helluva lot of shortie short shorts! hihi!
  • also buy new corporate attires, coz my friends just keep on recommending me for some bumfuck company in downtown metro, and just because outfits ala MK just won't do. hahahah
  • have a goddamn facial, coz my face is going down the shitter!
  • visit the dentist coz i still have three rotting teeth and a dental implant waiting. can you say OUCH!!!!! ?
  • clean my room
  • and go out!!! GAWD! I haven't stepped inside a sweaty, noisy, bangin' club for eons now! argh!!!

and this is just some of it, I still have a lot to do! damn!!! the stress is fuckin' wearing me out!!!! you bet your bottom dollar that after this I'm gonna spend all my money for a much deserved R&R day! can you say SPA?! hahahahaha

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