Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Well Accessory wise! ahahaha I'm not really a Pucci fag. though there's still the lusting over billowing Pucci kaftans and those seasonal exceptions, other than that, Pucci's not really in my top list. teehee! though after a recent visit at my "closet" brought me into thinking that I may put Pucci on a higher pedestal this time around.

I love this one, the wood is spring noh?! and the hardware is a cool contrast to the wood.
I would totally wear this one out! It's very techno eco! ahahaha

And can't you just imagine this with a huge flopppy hat ( or a head scarf ), Jackie O. sunnies, a billowy kaftan from Pucci of course, bejewelled flat sandals and a chic cocktail on hand, all while lazying around the pristine white beaches of say Amanpulo?! ahahahaha well, a fag can dream eh?!
anywhoo! I can't wait for Pucci to show. and as usual, expect a lot of color and a lot of well, prints after all, Pucci's not Pucci without the prints! toodles for now!

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