Friday, September 14, 2007

Oh my God! I need to stop eating!

god! I can't stop eating! help me ana! hahahaha, anyway I was browsing through my photo folders and I saw these photos from Dior homme's past collections when *sniff* hedi slimmane was still the creative director for dior homme. I think it was bout that time that I started obssessing 'bout my weight again, mind you I was a piece of bubbling blubber fat before, and the endless taunting and teasing brought me to my lowest low. back then I started eating less and less and started playing sports, plus being sickly whittled my waist line to a 24 (or was it 25? i don't exactly remeber). but then horrors of horrors! I quickly gained all that fat back when I was on my second sem. last, last year! balme it on my "paminta" stage. but even at my lowest, I pale in comparrison with mr. slimmane's army of stick thin mantis like boytoys! hahahaha. but that's all gonna change! now I'm even more motivated to beat those suckers and have them shake in their thousand dollar boots! I'm back and with more motivation than ever! I'm inches away, yeah, but, I'm certainly getting there.24? hmph! go for 23! hahaha. now bout that height... hmmm.
I'm bringing ana back! yeah! (JT style)
ooh! he looks like Tilda Swinton noh? mr. white witch is that you?

this one looks a bit old, but hell! I lurve his cheekbones!

oooh! the legs! why oh why dear god didn't you bless me with drinking straws?!

I lurve it! everything hangs better when your thin as a reed!

ugh! I love the suits! I want to take my Paul Smiths and have them altered ala Dior homme!

bones and skin galore! with a mop of hair!
anywhoo! sart counting those calories and start moving stat!


macci said...

omg! this is sooo you!

geno said...

thanks dearie! aw my first comment! loves it! anyway, I think I'm far from dior homme's standard of thinnesss. one look from Mr. slimmane and he would just screamed obese fat whale!hahahaha