Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yohji Yamamoto goes cheap chic!

Yipee! I was on WWD's site when I read one of their article about Mr. Yamamoto. looks like one of Japan's great is on the works of creating a cheaper line, think see by chloe, only quikier with dashes of asian aesthetics. anyway! imagine my thrill when I read about it coz I'm a Yohji fanatic! I love his designs plus he loves black! and everybody who Knows me know that I worship black! ahahahaha! even though I've been seen around with rainbow brite colors, my heart will forever remain black ( both literally and figuratively) haha. anyway, back to the topic. his line is described as "supercasual!, a mix-and-match of easy to wear style (*sob* no over the top kooky jackets and pants) from blouson jackets, tees, pants and accessories. all within price ranges of $90-400. good enough noh? anywhoo the line is called COMING SOON, how's that for humor, and is set to target a younger market. ugh! I do hope though that the line will be available here in the metro. but I'm not keeping my hopes up. damn! we don't even have some of the big names here! ugh! anyway whatevs! there's always the net! hahahaha!

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