Saturday, September 15, 2007

I'm on the quest to find the perfect man heels!

goodness! with all the wide leg pants seen on the runways this spring and fall, I'm now in search for the perfect man heels. heels that aren't too girly, heels with testosterone. and these (though so last, last, last season) I think are somewhat perfection! It's a collection of sky high heels from Chloe and Balenciaga fall 2006. ugh! so last year! hahahaha! but heck If I own one of these babies I'll wear them to death, that they'll turn into flats! and chaching! flats for spring! hahahaha! anywhoo! taadaa! here they are!

the mary jane style on this Chloe stunner is a little feminine, but color and heel injects macho appeal
I like em' very much!
Now these I like, the style, the heel, the height and color are pure perfection!
I definetley see me wearing 'em with wide leg trousers, ala chloe.
I also like this one, it's a wedge so it's easier to walk in these than the others, the style I likey likey a lot! I'd love to wear the with a baggy bottom and opaque ribbed leggings from wolford or Falke.

and last but not the least! tatatadaaa! Balenciaga's horse hoof booties! Mary kate olsen loves her pair of balenciagas, and I see the reason why. It's pure Perfection! others seem to dislike 'em oh so much but whatever! I can see me wearing them with shorts, leggings, skinnies a tunic, shirt dresses and many others! I swear to God I'm going to own one of these in the near future! I'd go all around town in them and I'd be buried in 'em! hahahaha

and at that I'm off! I'm going to look ( or have one made ) for something like these luvvies! toodles! and wish lil' ol me luck!

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