Sunday, September 30, 2007

Virtual Closet! saliva boy! hahaha

and no we'll do saliva boy! hahahaha well, she's actually a SHE. we just call her that for obvious reason hahaha *wink* anywhoo! miss thang here I think personifies street style best in the group so we'll do a casual get up m'kay?! a bit of high street mixed with designer. saliva boy, Genofied. that's what we're feeling. okay now. let's start
first off! street is not street without sunnies! here's a lovely pair from Cazal. ooh! and they're vintage! so they're a gem!
and the one of a kind hamsa bracelet from Kitson. I already featured this one on my blog, not exactly this one though. coz that one, I'm planning to buy myself! hahaha the one I feature had a hand on it, not a nugget. but this one's just as lovely! anywhoo! let's proceed to...
the tee! this one from Topshop is perfection! I love the faded vintage-y print on this one. plus, c'mon the chipmunk's cute!!! hahahaha.

and now a bit of designer clothing. this gorgeous skinny jean is by Stella Mccartney, queen eco of the fashion biz! they're gorgeous and they're organic! and I thought, organic is only associated with the edibles! ahahaha I dunno if her mala palo palo na legs would do justice to miss McCartney's jeans! hahaha kiddin'! love yah saliva boy!

and now for the quirky topper! the Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats! lovely noh?!I did'nt expected that I'd fall for a rodent! hahaha anywhooo! this I think would inject humor in my 'lil ensemble for 'lil miss saliva boy, which in turn would be perfect for her, coz it would totally match her personality! lovely!

there. outfit four complete! tell me what'ya think betch!

P.S. to saliva boy: bakla comment ka naman para ma feel ko presenya mo dito sa blog noh! hahahaha

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