Sunday, September 30, 2007

Virtual Closet! for moi!!!

And now it's time for this diva to shine! bwahaha! here's MY 'lil outfit! and as usual, a ton of blacks and whites and colbber full of Balenciagas! hahahahaha. I know, I'm starting to add color in my wardrobe, but black and white ensembles are just trademark GENO. and they suit the grey weather here in las islas. soo of we go to yet another black and white bonanza!
and now let's do bag! of course Balenciaga! this Balenciaga Clous bag I think would be another perfect GENO bag, besides the motorcycle bags of yore, of course. anywhoo! it has everything that a 'lil fag would want! the hard bling, the leather, and the color is soooo moi!
and now, a fave and a constan GENO item! the sunnies! and white wayfarers at that! hay! if you can recall, I've been posting wayfarers on my bloggie non stop! hahahaha I just love 'em to death! so what's another exposure no?! hahahaha don't kill 'em off just yet!
and now the scarf. I've been seeing a lot of this print on the necks of many a party goers here in the metro and in the srteet style blogs. so I want one! argh! can't find one though! I think I have to raid Osama's cave just so I can have one! teehee! ooh! thi one' s from Topshop. but hell! as usual, all the Topshop branches here in las islas are void of them! gaah!!

anywhoo! who doesn't love Tom Binns! and this one is just sooo me! ME LOVES IT MUCHO MUCHO! anywhoo... not much to say, so let's move on m'kay?!

here's a fresh brand that I just came across just recently! It's from Kosmetique Label. I think it's Japanese. and we love it! the asymetrical cut on the hem is very avant garde noh?! very me, in short! hahahahaha

and now the Lims. this one from 3.1 Phillip Lim, is sheer (pun inteded) perfection! loves it to death!perfect layering piece. this would completely tranform any blah outfit to fabulousity! and
lightness of the sheer fabric won't make you a sweaty betty, so that's good! who would want to be seen in horrid sweat patches anyway?!

and now the tee. WE LOVE SE BY CHLOE! I love it! owls may not be my calling but hey! they're cute! lovely no?! the birdskinda remind me of Masha T. hahahaha!

and the skinnies! gotta have 'em skinnies! and thee ones from Sass and Bide are an exceptional piece! it has a built in stirrup so it wont ride up mid ankle. and if you're like me who loves the sleek line a good skinny brings, then this one's perfect for you. only if you have the money beeyotch! hahaha otherwise hanggang pangarap na lang tayo! hahaha

and tantananaaaa! the coup de grace! Balenciaga' hockey boot from his fall 2007! loves it! loves it ti death! gaaah! I'd totally go down on anyone just so Ican have a pair of 'em killer shoes! hay!!! the cons of being poor! hahahaha anyway!

that's my 'lil outfit! oooh! I could picture it now! me strolling round the pocked streets of the metro! trotting and sashaying my 'lil bootie up and down while listening full volume on my Ipod! ahhh! sweet sweet fantasy! anyway! hafta go! I still have to rob a bank! gotta make 'em real no?! byeeee!

I'll be posting a whole lot more of virtual closets!

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