Saturday, September 15, 2007


I LOVE MY SISTER! we just had a conversation on the phone from different sides of the globe, and she just told me she bought me a helluva lot of loot! hahahahaha! I just love her to death and I miss her soooo bad! some of my friends miss her too. Martin was here the other night and was asking when she'll be back, 'coz I think the little faggot is hankerin' for free booze! hahhaha kiddin'! anyway when you get home sweetie let's have a party ya hear?! and we'll paint the town red (literally! I'm having an obssession with red. expect a post coming up on all things red) , in my new loot of course bwahahahaha! so hurry on up and get your jelly tooshie here byotch and let's get the party started! mwah!

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