Thursday, September 20, 2007


here's a WTF moment! I know, I know, I should be busy doin' my plates and shit but I have to share this to the rest of y'all! just when you thought the world couldn't be weirder, out comes this 'lil vial of fragrance ( if that's what you would call it! ) inspired by, (here's the WTF part!) the FANNY! ahahahahahaha! I just died when I saw this!!! Chanel 69 is that you?! ahahahahaha seriously, would you buy something that smells like your fanny? ahahaha horrendous! even the name is horrendous! damn! I bet lactacyd or Ph care would smell better than this! ahahaha but what the hell! still, I have to give credit to this thing's creator, I mean scores for originality and um, shock value?! ahahahaha halloo?! it certainly caught my attention! ahahahaha!


Anonymous said...

not buying...not buying...hahaha! -nica

geno said...

GOD! I know! I mean who would want to smell like a fanny anyway?! well, maybe if you're a perv, who loves the tangy smell of lady muffin ahahahaha!