Sunday, September 30, 2007

Virtual Closet for miss cheeky hahaha!

here's another outfit for another miss thang! hahaha! miss cheeky!!! hahahaha anywhoo! I can totally see her in a dress lounging away in the warm sunlight! a perfect match for her sunny (?!) personality ahahaha the Hamptons perhaps!? hahaha Libre mangarap bakla! hahaha anyway! let's do bag! ...
and this Louis Vuitton Rivett bag is perfect for this pristine ensemble. nice eh?! I love, love love this bag! the rivets add edge and spunk to an otherwise plain bag!
now, let's do accessories! we're feeling gold for her, coz I think gold adds warmth to the complexion. this CC skye gold cuff would be perfect for miss Cheeky, coz it still has that youthness to it. so me likey likey! ahahaha

and the dress! we'll do Catherine Malandrino for her! this one from miss Malandrino is very figure flattering, not that miss Cheeky needs it! she already has a body Marilyn Monroe would die for! so I think this is perfection for miss Cheeky. haha. ooh! and this dress has that vava voom but in a clean, pristine kinda way no?! kinda like Miss monroe's white dress in a barbeque picnic.

and last but not the least, the shoe! hmmm. quite off eh?! but what the hell! let's go all out! hahahaha! this quirky shoe from Louis Vuitton would add the perfect coquettish glamour in this 'lil ensemble. plus I love the flash of puple and gold in the heel!

so what'ya think?! niceness?! cuteness?! hahahaha give me a shout out missy! hahaha! mwah mwah!

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